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Welcome to Ink Addiction, downriver's best source for piercings and tattoos.

We at Ink Addiction strive to provide nothing but the best service to the community. We are a friendly, family oriented shop and ensure quality work. Get a tattoo or piercing in one of our certified studios where we provide a sanitary environment that is up to health code standards. Experienced artists and piercers strive to give you quality work on your budget.  Check out artist and piercer portfolios online.

Thank you for choosing Ink Addiction.



I would like to ask for your help. We have friends who feed the homeless. They make sandwiches. Hand out juice and water and some snacks. They do this almost once a week. Id like to ask that if u can donate anything. A loaf of bread a jar of peanut butter (even store brand) crackers bottled water anything you can spare. Willing to give discounts on piercings to those who would like and any and all donations are welcome please even a few dollars to go buy these items. It would help since they do this at their own will! They drive these lunches around and hand them out!.

You can drop off at either location! Check out their page here.

Want a 25$ piercing for only 15$ !? Come in to the studio. Log in to this site (City Voter)vote in front of one of us and we will give you any 25$ piercing for 15$!

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