Tattoos and Body Piercing
Ink Addiction

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Tattoo Artists

All employees are Blood-borne Pathogen certified. 

Garnet Miller

Garnet has been doing tattoos for 22+ years. As the owner of Ink Addiction, he takes pride in his shop and his artwork. To schedule an appointment with Garnet, please use the appointment form below. To contact Garnet, please email at [email protected] 

Nicole Norris

Nicole is the manager at Ink Addiction. She has been piercing for 7 years. She does everything from your basics to exotics. Also doing surface and dermals. She has done some unique ear projects and more. She is more than confident when giving you the best experience when you step foot inside Ink Addiction.

Steve Panik

Steve has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Wayne state University. He has been with Ink Addiction 7 years. He likes New School and Color Bomb. He also enjoys doing some nice Black and Gray. He works out of our Garden City location.

Scott Morrison

Fat Scott has been tattooing in the metro Detroit area for almost 9 years and specializes in American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, and Black and Gray tattooing, as well as Piercing. All inquiries are welcome, message Scott with any questions you have.

Joey Bartolo

Joey has been tattooing for 14 years.

Kayla McKeen

Kayla has been performing piercings for over a year and a half. She had Apprenticed at Ink Addiction for a short time before excelling and becoming a piercer here with us. She is friendly and knowledgeable, assuring excellent customer satisfaction every time.


Ward is Nicole's piercing apprentice. He started his apprenticeship in July 2014 and has since excelled and is now piercing under guidance.

Amanda The Apprentice

Amanda is our Tattoo Apprentice here at Ink Addiction. She goes back and forth between studios you will even find her setting up or tearing down for an artist. She might even be the one applying your stencil for your next tattoo!!!

Tessa Cannell

Tessa has been tattooing for about a year. She apprenticed under Scott Morrison for about 9 months. She is our only female tattoo artist and is working out of our Taylor location Monday through Wednesday.

Make an Appointment with an Artist

     Walk-in clients are accepted first come first serve. If the artist needs to draw your tattoo, there will be a drawing deposit.  Your artist will draw your tattoo then call you to come in to see the drawing and set up an appointment.  If your tattoo doesn't need to be drawn your artist will set up a time for an appointment. 

    There is a $20 fee for the weekdays and $50 for Friday and the weekend to set up all appointment and drawing deposits.   Prices cannot be given before a tattoo is drawn and sized up. Prices cannot be given over the phone. 

Artist and Piercer Schedules

Garden City 

 Nicole: Mon-Wed. Fri & Sat
Steve: Mon. Tues. Thurs-Sat.
 Joey B: Mon-Wed.
Scott: Tues-Sat.
Kayla: Thursday
*Closed on Sundays during Summertime*

Taylor Location

Garnet: Call to ask

Ward: Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. 

Kayla: Wed. Sat.

Tessa: Mon. - Wed.

*Closed on Sundays during Summertime*